Starlink Generation 3 by Aerial-Tek

Starlink internet was brought about by Elon Musk founder of Tesla and Space x. Starlink is a Low Earth orbit low latency high speed internet system for domestic and business.

While most satellite internet services today come from single geostationary satellites that orbit the planet at about 35,000km, Starlink is a constellation of multiple satellites that orbit the planet much closer to Earth, at about 550km, and cover the entire globe.

Because Starlink satellites are in a low orbit, the round-trip data time between the user and the satellite – also known as latency – is much lower than with satellites in geostationary orbit. This enables Starlink to deliver services like online gaming that are usually not possible on other satellite broadband systems.

Cost of Starlink Generation 3 £299.00 and current subscriptions at £75.00

Starlink Generation 3 Installation.

Starlink Generation 3 has now replaced the old actuated Generation 2 Starlink system that would self align itself after being powered up, this new generation 3 system has some improvements over the last version.

Starlink Generation 3 Specifications

1. Enhanced connectivity the new generation 3 has more built in antennas that improve connectivity and signal acquisition.

2. Starlink Gen 3 features an IP56 rating for greater protection against water and the elements.

3 More Compact design for the router with a separate power supply

4 No actuated motors for alignment so necessary to align by hand unfortunately not always that easy when installed in high up, chimneys etc

5 Kick Stand Mount for fixing to the floor or a wooden roof etc again developed around the US market for buildings, the UK is different with most house requiring a pole mounting solution.

Starlink Official Pole / Pipe Adapter

This is the official Pole / Pipe adapter manufactured and supplied by Starlink, the mount is made form thin metal which however fits into the dish and replaces the kickstand. The issue with Starlinks own version is the depth of the insert for the pole also with the large 70mm gap so quite a lot of play and movement in the adapter that could be worked loose over time especially in windy environments.

Starlink Pole Mount Adapter

We have our own High quality all aluminium mount to install on all our Starlink Generation 3 jobs. This is a solid mount that comes with its own release tool as it cant be pulled out or shaken out in the winds.  There are plenty of other plastic and 3d printed plastic versions out there but the main issue with the gen 3 dish is it can flex, with a plastic mount into a plastic dish this doesn't take take to much for it to fail and release. Our mounts when locked into place stop all the wind flex and just creates a good solid installation.

Starlink Gen 3 Instructions

Here is our Starlink Generation 3 installation video showing how secure our adapters really are, easy to install and easy to remove with tool supplied with each Pole Mount adapter installation or sale.