Strarlink Installation Frodsham

Starlink Installation Frodsham.
Here we have a Starlink installation carried out in Frodsham by Andy and a Ethan for a customer who was fed up with the 5 mbs connection she was getting from BT so took the plunge into Starlink and the high speeds it had to offer.
She contacted us for a bit of advice and then ordered the equipment and 2 weeks later rang us up to book the installation. We installed the dish as out of sight as possible and fitted onto the annex building with cable routed into the lounge, the dish was fitted on an alloy mast and galvanised wall bracket to prevent rust and create a permanent mounting solution for the Starlink system.
Customer had ordered one Starlink Mesh node which didn’t really cut so advised her to achieve full coverage by using a 3rd party mesh system which she is ordering the TP link Deco system.
Happy customer with 220mbs
For more info or to book your Starlink Installation in Frodsham feel free to get in touch.