Starlink Warrington

Starlink Installation Warrington.
First Install of the day a Fixed price Installation of Starlink fitted in Warrington by Andy and Ethan for a fully inclusive price of £200.00 without the hidden extras.
Customer lived in a remote area of Warrington and was relying on the old BT copper lines which produced about 4 mbs on a good day but things needed to change and Starlink was the best option as the mobile options were as bad as BT.
Customer got in touch for a bit of advice and took us up on the fixed price installation cost and arranged an installation, we fitted on the gable end using a galvanised bracket and alloy mast with cable routed to the hallway and into his mesh network, speeds were up at 230mbs so very happy customer.
For more info or to book an installation feel free to get in touch.