Starlink Leyland

Starlink Installation Leyland.
Here we have a new installation of Starlink carried out by Andy and Ethan in Leyland for Key MT solutions again for a fixed price of £200.00.
Straightforward installation the client had been suffering from unstable speeds from BT and with the false promises decided to ditch and use Starlink instead, customer was a returning customer of ours we had fitted on his remote home a few months ago.
The dish was fitted up on the metal siding as the roof was a fragile roof made from asbestos with the cable routed into the office across the suspended ceiling.
Speeds were up at a stable 220 mbs and fed into the office network which worked fantastic so a very happy client for the second time
If you are a business or private company we will still do a fixed price installation of £200.00 feel free to get in touch or to book.