Starlink Installer Northwich

Starlink Installation Northwich, £200.00 fixed price installation.
Here we have a new installation of Starlink fitted in Hartford on the outskirts of Northwich fitted by Andy and Ethan.
Customer for this job lived in bungalow that was suffering some terrible internet problems from BT offering 10mbs at the best even though a couple of doors away full fibre, BT had no plan of extending to their property in the near future.
Customer ordered Starlink and had it up set up in the garden for a week to try out and realised how reliable it was with speeds of plus 200mbs permanently, and then contacted us for some installation advice regarding mesh and dish locations.
We fitted the Starlink system on an alloy mast and galvanised wall bracket with cable routed into the utility room, speeds were up at 200mbs again so a very happy customer.