Starlink Installer Manchester

Starlink Installation Manchester, Fixed price £200.00.
Here we have a new Starlink fitted in Manchester city center for a fixed fee of £200.00 carried out by Andy and Ethan.
Customer lived in a 4 story block of flats which still have copper connection from BT and no other options so opted for Starlink on a free trial to see if it would work.
The dish had been running temporarily on the next doors roof and worked absolutely fine but needed a permanent home so contacted us, we fitted on the wall using bracket and short alloy mast with cable fed into the lounge.
Very lucky with line of site due to the buildings but worked out fine.
Speeds were coming in at 190mbs after being switched on for 5 mins so a very happy customer.
You maybe in Manchester City center but still not guaranteed an up to date internet connection if you need help get in touch.