Starlink Installer Macclesfield

Starlink Installation Macclesfield.Fixed Fee 200.00.
Here we have a remote listed building that required a discreet installation of Starlink due to the listing issues carried out by Andy and Ethan on the outskirts of Macclesfield forest all for a fixed fee.
Customer had ordered Starlink due to the BT line of copper coming in at 5mbs also quite a large property to get that slow speed around the equipment arrived and now he needed a discreet installation..
Contacted another company who quoted a whopping 450.00 to install up on the flat roof or alternatively 370 on a wall bracket, he then contacted us sent us a picture and we arranged installation.
The dish was screwed into a concrete flag and placed up on the roof cable into the room below router set up and all up and running within 30 mins.
From BT 5mbs to Starlink 230mbs.
Very happy customer
For a fair price installation feel free to get in touch.