Starlink Installations Winsford

Starlink Installations Winsford.
First day of spring by the looks of things beautiful day and happy to do a professional installation of Starlink in Winsford.
This cracking property was a bit off the grid as are most Starlink jobs and was located on an old mill the client had been refurbing the property and now needed a decent and reliable connection better than the existing 10mbs from BT.
He ordered the Starlink system and called us to mount it professionally due to the property surrender by trees.
The best position was the center of the property onto an existing stack we mounted the dish up there on a heavy duty galvanised cradle and a short alloy mast no log burner so profile could be kept down.
Up and running after the 15 minutes of updates and achieving over 150mbs it was then fed into the just installed whole of house hard wired mesh system and Bingo full speed everywhere.
Very happy customer of Starlink and ours for more info or to book feel free to get in touch.