Starlink Installations Nelson

Starlink Installation Nelson.
Here we have a new Starlink fitted by Andy and Ethan in Nelson, Lancashire.
This Starlink installation was for a customer who had constant battle with internet issues from a top offering of 10 mbs from BT no offering from Virgin and no chance with the mobile options offered.
They opted for Starlink and asked us to install high up as a lot of trees surrounding the property and were struggling with it in the garden.
Dish was fitted high up on the gable end of the property to clear the trees as no chimney on the property with cable fed down to the lounge room and an impressive 180 mbs was achieved within 20 mins of dish being installed.
The property is of stone construction and using the built in Wi-Fi checker on the app they could see how much of a problem it was going to be to get the signal to other side of property.
We are going back to install one hard wired cat 6 with RJ45 sockets and a mesh system in the house, customer also has a rental approx 300 meters away so we will go back and install a wireless bridge due to the distance.
Again another happy Starlink customer.