Starlink Installations Macclesfield Forest

Starlink Installation Macclesfield Forest, £200.00 fixed fee.
Here we have a Starlink Installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in a place called Wildboarclough in the Macclesfield Forest.
Client in this case was moving into temporary remote property for a year whilst his new home was being built and needed Internet as ran a company from home and an unstable 1mb wasn't cutting it plus the two way satellite also wasn't stable enough so contacted us about Starlink and subsequently ordered the kit.
We installed his Starlink dish on the front as requested on a galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast with cable routed into the lounge room, speeds at 220mbs, we then set up a pack of 3 TP Link X55 to cover the properties with WiFi.
From terrible internet to 220 mbs another satisfied customer.
For more info or to book an installation feel free to get in touch.