Starlink Installations Longridge

Starlink Installation Longridge.£200.00 fixed fee.
Here we have a new Installation of Starlink fitted in Longridge by Andy and Ethan.
Customer was just moving into this remote old farmhouse, with the Old farmhouse type internet and the problems of trying live with Internet as slow as 1mbs, They had also a couple of teenagers and both adults ran business from home so Starlink was the safe option.
He ordered the Starlink system and arranged a visit to make a permanent installation, the roof was a tall roof so was fitted on the gable on a 5 foot alloy mast and galvanised bracket with cable routed into the office system was online and working within the hour.
From 1 mbs off BT to 190mbs from Starlink so very happy customer, set the TP lInk X55 wireless mesh and now great all through the property.
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