Starlink Installation Wirral

Starlink Installation The Wirral.
Here we have a Starlink installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in West Kirby.
The customer in this case had a 20 mbs connection and most of the area had good fibre speeds but due to a fault in the exchange this part of the district weren’t being upgraded in the near future. The property was large and the 20 mbs at best was a push especially with a couple of teenagers using game systems also the wireless mesh system was useless with these speeds.
Customer took the plunge and ordered the Starlink package after speaking to us for a bit of advice along with the Ethernet adapter the kit promptly arrived.
The dish was fitted on high up on a gable end using a galvanised pole and aluminium bracket with cable fed into the third story office room Starkink was up and running within 45 mins and speeds of 200 mbs.
The customer has bought his own mesh and is going to try and and figure a layout wirelessly if not due to the size of building and the thick walls we will be installing a backhauled system.
Very happy customer courtesy of Starlink and a happy customer of ours.
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