Starlink Installation Winsford

Starlink Installation Winsford.
Here we have a Starlink fitted by Andy and Ethan in Winsford, Cheshire.
This customer had been used to having pretty poor internet for for a few years with at the best 15mbs from BT which is ok for basic use of the internet but with the family getting a bit older and 2 teenagers starting to stream Tv and play games consoles things were a bit stretched. The client also now was starting to spend more time at home working and streaming Zoom calls etc. The customer decided to take the plunge ordered Starlink and waited 4 weeks for it to arrive and had it working on a table in the garden and contacted us for a more solution.
We assessed the best location and this was the best spot due to quite a lot of trees, we removed the old sky dish that was on a flimsy pole refitted to a more secure and thicker diameter pole and install the starlink dish to the top of it.
The cable was routed into the living room and fed into an existing mesh system so all was good around the property speeds of 210 mbs compared with a 15 from BT not bad comparison.
Another Happy customer for more info or to book feel free to get in touch.