Starlink Installation Wilmslow

Starlink Installation Wilmslow with Hard wired Mesh system.
Here we have a Starlink installation fitted for a customer who had suffered for many years with very poor internet due to his remote location. He had been patiently waited for Starlink to be available in his area.
We installed the Starlink up on the chimney and routed the cable down to the study room where customer had been using the Starlink on the ground for a couple of weeks.
The customer had his Starlink plugged into Deco mesh network with 3 nodes, first node plugged into the Starlink router producing 200mbs the 2 other nodes were in the Tv room and another lounge configured over WI-FI the problem here is due to the thick walls the speed are down to 60mbs on the two satellite nodes.
We had explained to the customer on booking that if he wanted full speed on all mesh nodes were to hard wire with CAT6 with an RJ45 socket, the first deco was wired into a network switch and 2 cables plugged into a twin RJ45 socket that were routed outside and brought back into the property with a single RJ45 socket. The two other Deco mesh nodes were plugged in and Starlink Router was switched into Router mode only and everywhere in the property 200mbs.
Very happy customer..
Mesh networks work better hard wired in larger properties to stop any loss of using the nodes as wireless repeaters.