Starlink Installation Whalley

Starlink Installation Whalley.
Here we have a Starlink installed today by Andy and Ethan in Barley just outside Whalley.
This is the second visit to the property the first visit we were called out to diagnose the fault of an installation that had been in place for 6 months. The dish was fitted up on the stack which had an active coal fire and was fitted just below the exist of flu on the chimney. Very hard to work out the fault due to the lack of spares but we eliminated the cable so explained to the customer she would have to contact Starlink support for a new dish.
6 weeks later the dish arrived and we were called back the customer decided they wanted to be installed on a low barn so more accessible and away from the chimney flu. Cable was run through conduit and fed into the office room and within 30 mins 190mbs achieved.
Another satisfied customer.
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