Starlink Installation Warrington

Starlink Warrington.
Here we have an installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Grappenhall, Warrington.
The customer lived in a remote and rural area of Warrington and was suffering with very slow internet supplied by BT and were struggling just getting 1 mb and tried to run a business through that speed. They had already tried various other SIM card options through mobile networks but nothing reliable.
The client had rang us up provisionally for some advice on starlink as an option to replace BT and then decided to take the plunge.
It took 2 weeks for the equipment to arrive and she called us to book in when title arrived. The dish is fitted on the gable end and routed as best as we could with 75 foot of cable supplied but just about managed it without ordering the longer cable. The dish was fitted on a heavy duty bracket and was up and running within an hour. Inside was finished off with a Brushed wall socket.
Speeds of 160 mbs within 10 mins of being switched on.
Another satisfied customer.
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