Starlink Installation Tarporley

Starlink Installation Tarporley.
Here we have a Starlink install fitted in Tarporley Cheshire in a remote location where the customer was just moving in but had decided on Starlink as his provider due to needing a reliable connection for work.
The Starlink dish was installed up on the chimney due to trees close by and cable routed down the front of the property to the office room.
Due to the size of the building the customer had ordered the TP Link Deco S7 AC 1900 Mesh system, the customer wanted the best possible from his Mesh network and speeds so opted for a whole house CAT 6 wiring with RJ45 sockets in each room so can be unplugged if needed also more permanent installation.
The Starlink was wired into a first deco and put into to router mode then into first Deco through a TP link network switch then plugged into the 5 RJ45 sockets.The CAT6 cables were routed externally and fed to other rooms where another RJ45 socket was fitted.
The Starlink was achieving 220mbs and due to the hard wired connections the same speeds all through the house the deco units all have to spare Ethernet ports that can be connected to TVs or computers etc.
From nothing to High Speed internet throughout the home in freezing conditions but a very happy customer.