Starlink Installation Summerseat

Starlink Installation Summerset,
Here we have a Starlink installation carried by Andy and Ethan in Summerseat on the outskirts of Bury.
Customer had been in his property for 30 yrs and suffered poor internet from BT with usually 1 mbs about the average speed and no intention from BT to do anything about it.
He ordered Starlink after a call to discuss its reliability etc and subsequently ordered it which arrived within a week, he rang us to book the install in.
We were going to install on the flat roof but due to a wasp nest we decided to fit on the side wall on a galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast, the cable was routed into the kitchen area where the old BT system was.
The speeds were coming in at 220mbs and we helped him set up his Deco s7 system so to push round the house, didn’t need a backhaul system as Wi-Fi was good enough.