Starlink Installation Stoke on Trent

Starlink Installation Stoke on Trent.
Here we have a Starlink whole house WI-FI mesh system installed just outside of Stoke on Trent by Andy and Ethan.
The client for this job did have about 20 mbs from BT although very unstable due to their location approx 3/4 of a mile from the nearest fibre point and nothing was going to be done to help them out due to cost.
After a long conversation with the client who wanted a bit of advice of what to expect from the Starlink service, she took the plunge and ordered it along with a some Mesh routers that we recommended.
The dish was straightforward installation but now with 50 foot cable ( too short for the uk ) just about do able where it needed to go. Cable fed into the office at one end of this long property and a fitted wall socket with brush plate to finish along with a twin cat6 RJ45 socket to backhaul the mesh network.
Starlink was up and running within 45 mins and speeds up at 230mbs so can’t grumble.
We then installed a twin RJ45 socket with 2 hard wired cat 6 cables with single RJ45 sockets one in the middle room of property downstairs and another in the far end bedroom where one of the clients sons had his PlayStation.
When all set up and customer educated with the Deco app speeds were up at 200mbs in sons bedroom approx 20 meters away from the starlink / first deco unit due to it all being backhauled.
Where ever you go in the property the connection was good and a very happy customer.
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