Starlink Installation Stockport

Starlink Stockport.
Here we have an unusual install of Starlink into an old cottage in Cheadle, Stockport by engineers Andy and Ethan.
The client had lived in the property for a couple of years and had dealt with a poor offering from BT offering about 10mbs max due to the location and planning issues with installing new lines. Cable was a no go and the gsm route offered next to nothing. As the 2 children in the home started using PlayStations etc and a couple of TVs were trying to stream Netflix etc the system couldn’t cope and so they took the plunge into Starlink.
The customer had contacted us for advice and then ordered from Starlink and it all arrived within 2 weeks along with the Ethernet adapter.
Starlink dish was fitted up on to the chimney to get past the trees and fitted securely using a heavy duty cradle and lashing kit and pole. The dish was up and running within an hour and fitted down to the customers living room and will be all hidden inside a media wall that is due to be constructed shortly.
Due to the thicknesss of the walls and it being quite a large property the customer opted for a same day installation of 4 Deco mesh system backhauled over Cat 6 with fitted RJ45 sockets to make a permanent installation. In the lounge 3 cat6 cables were terminated into sockets along with the starlink and these were routed externally and again terminated into RJ45 sockets. In the lounge the starlink was routed into the primary Deco and from there into a network switch and then into the sockets. In the 3 rooms a single Deco node was installed and connected in.
The speeds were fantastic with roughly 180mbs wherever we went in the property the PlayStations are going to be Ethernet connected into the Deco as 2 spare Ethernet sockets on each.
Very happy client with a whole house Starlink mesh system.
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