Starlink Installation Stafford

Starlink Installation Staffordshire.
Here we have a Starkink installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Shifnall Staffordshire.
The house was about 4 yrs old and majority of the houses on this new estate were wired up with fibre from BT with the exemption of a few houses at the end of the estate and the only offering from BT / Sky at the best was 20mbs which wasn’t enough for the client.
She rang us a week before the install and wasn’t sure whether it was going to work properly around the home with the router in the back office room the Wi-Fi wouldn’t reach the front room or kitchen. I explained about the poor range of Starlink and it’s Wi-Fi and came up with a hard wired connection from back room upstairs to opposite side of house lounge downstairs.
We installed the Starlink up on an alloy mast and galvanised bracket and routed cable into back room through a brush plate socket along with a CAT 6 cable fed into RJ45 socket. In the lounge we routed the cat 6 externally and fitted another RJ45 socket.
After initial setup of Starlink system and a 15 minute education and set up of mesh on customers own phone the speeds were up at 180mbs everywhere very happy customer who has since left us a nice review.
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