Starlink Installation Shaw

Starlink Installation Shaw.
Here we have a Starlink done in Shaw in the ourskirts of Oldham by Andy and Ethan.
This was on a remote farmhouse with no connection to BT or any other Network due to how remote this was. The client for this one was reliant on a 2mbs connection from 02 using a gsm router maybe could have been improved with an external aerial, but no where need the speeds of Starlink.
The client had waited a couple of weeks for the starlink to arrive after ordering and contacted us to do the installation, he didn’t open the box to try out as suggested even though I had assured him that it was straightforward.
The installation was quite straightforward except for the incredible tough 3 foot thick stone walls no problem with a good mains impact drill, the designers at Starlink didn’t take into account that most remote locations in the UK are old farm houses not wooden houses with flat roofs. The router was fed into a bedroom and will be hidden in a small cupboard when finished along with a socket for the starlink cable and a couple RJ45 connections.
We are going back in a week to install a mesh network using the TP- Link S7 and backhauling the system due to the the thick walls.
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