Starlink Installation Service Bolton

Starlink Installation Bolton.
Here we have a new Starlink Installation in Chew Moor Village in Bolton for a relatively new build suffering with terrible Internet speeds.
Even though the property was only 5 yrs old the BT line was copper and producing approx 8 mbs of speed they also had a 3 Network router producing an unstable 10 mbs and with a couple of teenagers in the house and one home worker something needed to change.
They had contacted us to discuss Starlink and took the plunge and we arranged a visit the following week.
The Starlink dish was mounted up on a gable end using galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast with cable routed into the lounge speeds were up at 230mbs.
The customer had an existing Google mesh network which worked flawlessly with Starlink so another satisfied customer.
For more info or to book feel free to get in touch.