Starlink Installation Salford

Starlink Installation Salford, £200.00 fixed fee, The Starlink Guys
Here we have a Starlink fitted in Salford for a client that was suffering with an unreliable connection for various reasons even though he lives in a pretty built up residential area, the install was carried out by Andy and Ethan.
The existing set up was on Virgin with pretty good speeds but constant drop outs of this connection, Virgin had come up with all sorts of excuses but no matter what was done nothing worked permanently, BT still were using copper and the mobile networks weren’t much better, he opted for Starlink and got in touch with us for an installation.
We installed the Starlink at its full stretch of 50 foot from router that was to be installed in the lounge, we managed to get just round the corner and onto the side of house using a galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast, cable routed and finished off with wall socket and router configured.
The speed now was a reliable and stable 260mbs so a very satisfied customer.
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Here at Aerial-Tek we provide a professional installation for your Starlink system whether it be wall mounted, chimney mounted or other type of installation. Starlink needs an open view of the Sky usually orientating in a southerly direction, main issues with the installations are trees or close proximity to other buildings there is always a work around.

Types of Installation


Most Starlink jobs we do are wall mounted for stability and to ensure the installation of your equipment is accessible and to ensure a long lasting install. We only use galvanised wall brackets and alloy mast to ensure no rust or staining on the wall.

starlink wall mountedpng


Sometimes due to various reasons such as line of sight, trees, buildings or planning issues such as Listed buildings we have no option to mount up on the chimney. Our chimney installations comprise of a galvanised chimney cradle and lashing bracket, no drilling is done on the chimney to prevent damage issues.
starlink chimney mountedjpeg
 Sometimes you may require a flat roof installation so the dish is hidden such as a listed building, we can install for you and you don't always require an expensive mount we can install onto a concrete slab which we can carry up onto the roof as a secure mounting point.
starlink roof mountedjpeg

Here at Aerial-Tek we can offer more than just installing your new Starlink equipment we also help you get your WI-FI around your property. We are professional installers of Network cabling such as CAT6 including installation of RJ45 sockets. We can advise you and install mesh networks such as the range of TP Link mesh nodes either over wi-fi or backhauled over cat6.

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