Starlink Installation Sabden, Clitheroe

Starlink Installation Sabden, Clitheroe.
Here we have a new installation for a Starlink system on a hillside in a remote part of Clitheroe called Sabden.
The client lived in a small rural community with a couple of farm houses being fed from BT line that offered 15mbs at the best of times this was half a mile from the nearest BT Green box.This was just about doing the job but with the customer and his wife now both working from home this was stretching the limits also a couple of instances of the farmers damaging and cutting through the lines when repairing the roads, and now the 3 children were stretching the limits of the 15mbs by streaming and playing games.
So he has waited till Starlink had come out of beta testing phase so outages were very low and ordered the system which had been up and running for a couple of weeks sat on the rabbit hutch.
He contacted us to make a more permanent installation of the system and to drill through his very solid and thick walls, dish was mounted up on the gable end on a solid bracket with a sturdy pole and cable routed to the lounge and fed into an existing mesh network.
Very happy customer with good speeds what a game changer.
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