Starlink Installation Ramsbottom

Starlink Installation Ramsbottom, fixed price guaranteed £200.00 complete.
Here we have a new Starlink installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Ramsbottom outside Bury for a remote property on the slopes of Holcombe Hill.
The customer has been putting up with 2 mbs copper connection to BT which was becoming more of a problem as now one of them was working from home also with two tennagers the internet was at breaking point.
Contacted us for a bit of advice and decided to order the equipment direct from Starlink website which arrived within a week.
We arranged a visit and installed the dish in a location where it was hidden as much as possible, dish was fitted onto an alloy mast and galvanised bracket so no staining on the k render, speeds were up at 200mbs so again another happy Starlink customer.
For more info or to book a fixed price Starlink installation in Ramsbottom feel free to get in touch.