Starlink Installation Penkridge

Starlink and Mesh Installation Mitton.
Here we have a new Starlink installation in Mitton just outside Penkridge, Staffordshire.
A very rural location with it being the sole property for about a mile with the only internet a very unstable connection from EE with about 10mbs at best.
Customer decided it was time to catch up in the real world with some good reliable internet speeds offered from Starlink. Dish was fitted up on a wall galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast the excess cable was left out by the bracket due to the the router being in the office and trying to keep the cables out of sight.
The dish was up and running after 20 mins and good speeds of 220mbs.
The second part of the job was to run a hard wired Cat 6 Backhauled mesh system to get the internet around this quite large stone building. We installed 3 RJ45sockets fed to 3 individual sockets in the games room, main lounge and the gym room with the deco mesh system plugged in 200 plus mbs everywhere in the home.
One very happy customer.
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