Starlink Installation Oldham

Starlink Installations Oldham.
Here we have a a starlink installed in Greenfield, Oldham by Andy and Ethan for a client.
Greenfield is a remote enough but this property was sat up on a hillside with terrible connectivity to the internet, the options were 6 mbs of BT and a max of 15 mbs from a gsm sim from a mobile network. This for some would be enough but the client husband and wife both worked from home with the zoom calls etc, but with 3 PlayStation 5s in the home with 2 lads being pro gamers never going to work, also with the likes of Netflix a solution was needed.
So along comes Starlink up and running and fitted to the gable end with the excess cable being left at the dish as router was going to be in the front room and not easy to hide fitted onto a galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast to prevent the rust. Within an hour speeds were up to to 190mbs pretty good.
We are going back in a weeks time to install 4 Deco mesh network system and back hauling over cat6 with wall sockets fitted so the 2 serious gamers have a Deco in their rooms for the mesh but also can be plugged into over Ethernet. And one more routed to a loft room that will fill upstairs and kitchen underneath with the same mesh network. When completed they will have an excellent system in place.
Very happy customers for more info or to book.