Starlink Installation Newton Le Willows

Starlink Installation Newton Le Willows.
Here we have a new Starlink installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Newton Le Willows on the edge of Warrington.
The customer in this case lived pretty remote and off grid with a very slow BT copper line and nothing stable from the mobile companies so it was time to catch up with the rest of the world.
Phoned us up for some advice and we talked through his options and gave him our advertised fixed price of 200.00 so booked us in.
Dish was fitted on an alloy mast and galvanised bracket and the 50 foot cable was a bit short, we carry a spare 75 foot cable which was used and customer ordered another to send back to us.
Speeds were up at 200 mbs within 30 mins so very happy customer.
For more info or to book feel free to get in touch.