Starlink Installation Morecambe

Starlink Installation Morecambe.
Here we have an installation of Starlink carried out by Andy and Ethan on a static holiday home site in Morecambe.
The customer for this install had been suffering with a terrible service for the internet where there was virtually dial up service from BT and no Virgin at all and about 5 mbs from EE which couldn’t even stream Netflix to one television.
They bought Starlink as currently on offer at £300.00 and liked they idea of being able to cancel in the winter months when they didn’t use the site so saving of about 225.00 per year.
Installation was pretty straightforward and bolted securely and sealed to the van with the cable routed underneath along with the access.
Speeds were upwards of 180mbs within 15 mins after install so another satisfied customer of ours and Starlink.
For more information or to book your installation on any property type feel free to get in touch.