Starlink Installation Mobberley

Starlink Installation Mobberley.
Here we have a new Starlink installation carried out today by Andy and Ethan in Mobberley, Cheshire.
Customer had just moved in and had no internet supplied so had ordered Starlink and had it set up for a week to see if it would do the buisiness for him.
They got in touch with us install the dish as a bit tricky as the server room was in the middle of the house and getting a connection in there could be a problem. We installed the dish on top of the existing Sky pole on an extension to clear the roof and trees with cable routed down and in through a wall to where there was an existing Ethernet socket. We left the router near the wall and plugged into the Ethernet socket and then connected to the network switch in server room which fed round the house.
We are going back in a few days to install a mesh network to complete the installation, speeds were upwards of 150mbs.
Another satisified customer of ours and Starlink.
For more info or to book feel free to get in touch.