Starlink Installation Marple

Starlink Installation Marple.
Here we have one of our installations for Starlink in Marple on the outskirts of Stockport, carried out by engineers Andy and Ethan.
The client in this case lived in a very remote part of Marple and thus the normal problems that go with it for internet connections. They have internet supplied by Sky and we’re getting approx 15 mbs and the best of times which some people can live with. The client lived in quite a large stone built thick wall old farm house which is common for a lot of our Starlink installations.
The dish was installed on a wall with an unobstructed view of the Sky as needed and was fitted on the starlink supplied wall bracket, not a fan of them due to the water that can sit in the arm but the customer wanted us to use it. Within 15 mins 220mbs was achieved so a very happy client.
The next issue was to get the good speed from starlink around the property, the house had some cat 5 cables already installed and fed back to the location of the starlink and into a switch so we have recommended some Tp link mesh equipment to the client who is going to order then we will go back and create a blanket coverage of internet all backhauled so no issues with the thick walls.
Again another happy Starlink / Aerial-Tek customer.
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