Starlink Installation Macclesfield Forest

Starlink Macclesfield Forest.
Here we have an installation we have been called out to fix an issue with the cable this was carried out by Andy and Ethan.
We had been out to the property a couple of weeks before to help with a mesh network installation the client had managed to install the dish themselves.
We got a call saying during the storm the Starlink had gone down and they couldn’t get it back to life we advised them to unplug from the wall and leave it till we arrived.
On inspection of the cable we discovered water running down the inside of the cable due to it rubbing on roof which caused a small nick but with the height of the dish water was forced through it.
Luckily we had a spare cable and replaced it and ran the cable properly with snags on the slate and clipped securely so no movement of the cable.
All up and running again within 30 mins and life back to normal in this remote location.
Happy clients for more info or to book an installation feel free to get in touch.