Starlink Installation Littleborough

Starlink Installation Littleborough.
Here we have a Starlink fitted in Littleborough on a very remote property with no Landline from BT and a very unstable 3G connection from Vodafone.
They had ordered Starlink and got in touch with us to install, the installation was carried out by Andy and Ethan.
The property was surrounded by trees and there was no gable end or wall where we could install to due to the line of site according to the startlink app and the only location stable enough was up on the chimney which also had a log burner but wasn’t used to often as more as a cosmetic fire for the lounge.
We installed on a heavy duty chimney bracket and solid pole using the customers own pole adapter supplied by starlink with a good distance between the dish and the cowl for the burner.
Happy customer that he finally got it working tricky install due to the trees but working now with 180mbs.