Starlink Installation Knutsford

Starlink Installation Knutsford.
Here we have a new installation of a Starlink system fitted by Andy and Ethan over in Knutsford, Cheshire.
This was a straightforward installation due to the fact was a bungalow and not the normal remote farmhouse with 3 foot thick stone walls, the customer suffers with slow speeds from BT and had some issues with the terrible service due to the distance from the exchange down to the point where it was that bad BT gave him a connection for free, but no good having a free connection if it doesn’t work.
We installed the dish on the gable end using galvanised brackets and alloy pole with cable routed around to the lounge and the excess cable hidden along the route so not to be an eyesore inside the living room.
The speeds were up at 180mbs within 30 mins of operating so another happy starlink and customer of ours.
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