Starlink Installation in Poynton

Starlink Installation Poynton.
Here we have a new installation of Starlink for a couple in Poynton carried out by Andy and Ethan.
Customer had not long moved into the property and since found out that the Internet had been neglected where they are even though 100 meters away at the bottom of the avenue full speed fibre was available but BT had refused to finish off due to some ornamental paving so was too costly, they had been recommended by a neighbour that Starlink was a viable option and got in touch with us to install, we also advised them to order the TP Link X55 to help the WiFi get around the home.
We Installed the dish on the back wall using a sky mounting pole to get past the large overhang with cable routed into the office, speeds were coming in at 220mbs.
We then installed the Mesh network and educated the customer on how it all works they were over the moon as house now covered in WiFi with approx 120mbs at furthest point.
Very happy customers who could now work from home and anywhere in the property.
For more info or to book feel free to get in touch.