Starlink Installation in Lymm

Starlink Installation Lymm
Here we have a Starlink Installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Lymm, Cheshire.
Client contacted us due to the ongoing issues of their existing rural broadband system which produced about 10mbs of unstable connection and no chance of any offering from BT so we advised customer to order the Starlink system.
The equipment arrived within a week and we arranged a visit to install.
The dish was fitted on the wall using an 18inch galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast with cable fed into the server room.
We are arranging a revisit after explaining to the client how to get the WiFi around the property and subsequently they are ordering the ethernet adapter and TP Link X55.
If you wish to book an installation in Lymm or require any info feel free to get in touch.