Starlink Installation in Chorley

Starlink Installation Chorley.
Here we have a Starlink Installation in Chorley for another BT customer that is suffering with poor speeds, fitted by Andy and Ethan.
The Internet was coming in at about 10mbs which was the fed into a mesh considering of the BT discs and was virtually unusable with such a large building.
The dish was fitted up on the chimney to get it out of the way and off the walls as a bungalow but we used a 150 foot cable to route it around the building and into the loft space where part of the existing set up was, fitted on a cradle bracket and alloy mast online within 20 mbs of powered up and speeds of 200mbs.
The second part was to install 6 x55 mesh nodes 3 inside the loft space with the others wireless, speeds all round the property were coming in at over 150 mbs so a very happy customer.
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