Starlink Installation in Bolton

Starlink Installation Bolton
Here we have a Starlink fitted by Andy and Ethan in Edgworth, Bolton for a couple with terrible speeds with current provider.
Client had contacted us for some advice about starlink as the current situation didn't work with a speed of 10mbs coming in at best from BT, virgin not available and mobile version a no go either due to location.
Customer ordered the Starlink along with Ethernet adapter along with TP Link X55 from Amazon as advised by us to cover the home all arrived within 3 days and installation arranged.
We installed the Starlink dish at the top of gable end due to trees surrounding the property using a galvanised bracket and alloy mast to stop rust the cable was routed into the dining room and fitted as requested by the customer onto a shelf. Speeds were up at 220mbs.
We then help him set up the X55 Deco units around the property wirelessl to create WiFi everywhere and a good stable 190mbs throughout the home was achieved.
Very happy customer.
For more information or to book an installation in Bolton feel free to get in touch.