Starlink Installation Huddersfield

Starlink installation plus a home Network, Mesh installation Huddersfield.

Here we have an installation by Andy and Ethan in Huddersfield to help a client out with their ongoing network issues at home.
The customer and his wife both worked from home and lived in a quite large semi detached house. He contacted us for a solution and we offered him a hard wired Cat 6 installation with fixed RJ45 sockets. We installed a 2 way Cat 6 socket with 2 Cat 6 cables fed out together and routed externally to the other entry points where another single RJ45 socket was fitted. We installed one socket in the ladies office were the laptop could plug directly into a network, then one socket in the guys office offering a secure connection to the network for work.
The customer was very happy with the installation and will cure all the network issues he had.
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