Starlink Installation Horwich

Starlink Installation Horwich.
Here we have a straightforward installation of Starlink in Horwich carried out by Andy and Ethan.
The client in this case was living on the outskirts of Horwich and as far from the BT exchange as possible with a cracking speed of 2 mbs and now working from home and starting to use Netflix etc it was hitting the limit, mobile networks were again a no go as in a bit of a valley with terrible mobile coverage, he took the plunge and ordered Starlink.
He contacted us to arrange an installation which was hindered by some tall trees so the only clear location was up on the chimney, the Starlink dish was fitted up on a galvanised chimney bracket and alloy mast with the cable routed down into the upstairs office and into the existing mesh network, speeds were up at the 220 mbs mark so one very happy client.
For more info or to book an installation in Horwich or surrounding area feel free to get in touch.