Starlink Installation Holmfirth

Starlink Installation Holmfirth.
Here we have a installation of Starlink carried out in Holmfirth by Andy and Ethan.
Customer lived up on hillside with about 10 mbs speed offered by BT over copper and no chance of being upgraded, initially contacted us for some advice about Starlink and decided to order along with some mesh routers as the house is large with stone walls along with a hardwired connection needed into the office room which was approx 75 meters from the lounge where router was going to be used.
The dish was installed on a galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast with cable routed into the lounge room, speeds off starlink where coming in at 290 mbs so one of the best ones.
We then installed 2 cat 6 cables one to kitchen room and the about 75 meters away to the office room, the customer had ordered the TP Link X55 which we set up and created a whole house back hauled system with 280mbs at the furthest point.
Very happy customer if you wish to book an installation in Holmfirth area feel free to get in touch.