Starlink Installation Holmes Chapel

Starlink Installation Holmes Chapel.
Here we have a Starlink fitted by Andy and Ethan in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.
The client in this case was as usual living in a rural area and one of the last on the BT line from exchange with copper lines offering speeds of 2mbs, they also had an ee package with a gsm router with 20mbs at best and other times it would just drop completely.
It was time to ditch both and have one reliable subscription to Starlink so it was ordered and they got in touch with us to fit.
Dish was fitted on galvanised bracket and alloy mast with cable fed down into the downstairs office room all up and running and and online within 45 mins with speeds of 170mbs coming down. Customer is ordering a mesh network to push the Wi-Fi range as starlink is a bit limited in old stone cottages.
For more info or to book feel free to get in touch.