Starlink Installation Haslingden

Starlink Installation Haslingden.
Here we have a Starlink fitted up in the remote hills of Lancashire, on the outskirts of Haslingden by Andy and Ethan
This customer had not long moved in to the property from Yorkshire and didn’t realise how remote this location was with regards to telephone and mobile. His set up was no telephone line as to far for BT and a max of 3 mbs from a gsm sim provided by EE, he had been dealing with this for a month until his Starlink arrived.
He contacted us to offer him a permanent installation and make it secure due to its very exposed location, also he needed advice regarding his networking due to the thick walls where WI-FI won’t penetrate.
The installation was pretty straightforward for the dish and router just another thick wall to get through, this is getting to be very common for Starlink locations in the UK. Not a problem with a good drill soon through the wall and plugged and.
The dish was up and running within 30 mins and speeds of 240mbs not bad, we then tried the Wi-Fi coverage using the starlink new app which allows you to walk around the property showing how the coverage was doing, this did show how bad it really is and the router wouldn’t see through one wall.
We are going back to fit RJ45 sockets in 3 rooms and fit a whole house mesh system with near full speeds all round.
Happy customer and will be even happier in a week when full speeds everywhere.
For more info or to book feel free to get in touch.