Starlink Installation Goostrey

Starlink Installation Goostrey.
Starlink de-install and re-install of a new Starlink system in Goostrey carried out by Andy and Ethan.
Customer had been one of the first users of Starlink and decided to upgrade to the new version and get some help getting Starlink WiFi around the house.
Dish was fitted up on the chimney on galvanised brackets and alloy mast with cable routed back into the lounge, system was up and running within an hour and speeds of 190mbs.
We have some advice on the mesh system to get round his property, he is ordering some tp link x55 mesh nodes which should do the job if any areas end up dead spots we will go and run some cat6 but probably won't need it.
Very happy customer.
For more info or to book a fixed price Installation of Starlink including brackets for £200.00 feel free to get in touch.