Starlink Installation Flint

Starlink Installation Flint.
Here we have a new Starlink Installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Flint, North Wales.
The client for this installation of Starlink had virtually no chance of getting any where near the coverage and speeds required due to being quite a large home and a very poor internet speed offered of about 8mbs from BT.
He took the plunge with Starlink and got in touch with us to mount it high up due to the trees so the dish was mounted on a galvanised bracket and alloy pole with just enough clearance to get over the ridge. After the normal 15 mins setup speeds were getting up to the 150mbs mark so not bad which will only improve over time. I showed the client how to use the Wi-Fi checking tool in the app which showed how bad the Wi-Fi range was on the Starlink, he is now ordering some mesh routers as advised and if can’t get enough speed around the home we will go back to backhaul the system.
Happy Starlink customer and another happy client of ours.
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