Starlink Installation Euxton

Starlink Installation Euxton, £200.00 fixed fee, The Starlink Guys
Todays Starlink was for a client that was suffering with poor BT internet and needed an upgrade, the installation was carried out by Andy and Ethan in Euxton on the outskirts of Chorley.
Client for this job was an old Barn conversion that had BT speed of 5mbs and needed to catch up with the modern worlds internet, too remote for mobile networks so the only option was starlink, they had contacted us for some advice and subsequently ordered the residential kit as a refurbished kit.
We installed the Starlink on a short pole with a secure low profile installation due to be located on a windy ridge, the cable was routed into the a boiler / network room, the speeds were coming in at 280mbs so a very happy customer.
The customer has now ordered the X55 TP Link system and will try to set up themselves to get full house coverage.
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