Starlink Installation Ellesmere Port

Starlink Installation Ellesmere Port.
Here we have one of our Starlink Installations carried out by Andy and Ethan in Ellesmere Port.
The house was a pretty remote property suffering from very slow speeds from the mobile providers with max speeds of 4 mbs at the best. He also had quite a large property with a mesh network installed but with those speeds no chance.
He took the plunge and went down the Starlink route and what an improvement from the off.
The dish was installed on the chimney that wasn’t used and we removed the old aerial that was in the way and fitted a galvanised chimney bracket and a short pole to just clear the stack, dish was online within 15 mins and speeds were up in 230 mbs. Finished off inside with a brush socket to make it look neat and tidy. Customer is to finish off and hard wire into the existing mesh network.
One very happy customer
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