Starlink Installation Darwen

Starlink Installation Darwen
Here we have an installation of Starlink fitted in Hoddlesden just outside Darwen by Andy and Ethan.
This customer had been suffering with poor speeds as normal in the remote location and the only offering was BT which was no more than 5mbs at best and a lot of the time below 1 mbs.
Customer had ordered the Starlink kit and had it up and running in the paddock with good consistent speeds of upwards of 180mbs.
He contacted us and we booked him for an installation on a very windy also he had warned us it’s prone to wind due to its location in a valley, we installed on a large T and K bracket with a strong pole. Speeds were back up to the 180mbs within 20 mins of reinstalling the system.
We are going back to sort out a mesh system due to the thick walls.
Another cracking install from Aerial-Tek
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