Starlink Installation Cumbria

Starlink Installation Whitehaven Cumbria.
Here we have a starlink fitted up in Whitehaven in Cumbria by Andy and Ethan.
The client on this job lived on an estate with poor connection from BT about 20mbs and had issues with drop outs also inside the home where an array of repeaters and extenders and he had a garden room that he needed a stable connection in which is a struggle when the router is in the front bedroom.
So he took the plunge and ordered Starlink and contacted us here for an installation after reading some of the reviews for network types of installs we offer.
Dish was fitted up on the wall using galvanised bracket and alloy mast with cable fed through the loft and over to the front bedroom aback through ceiling as requested. The speeds on the Starlink were up at 180mbs by the end of the installation.
We then fitted a network switch and a mesh system and installed in the loft above bedroom and ran to cat6 cables out of the loft one down to the kitchen area to cover back of house and the other out of the loft down the wall and ran down garden to the man cave where we installed the RJ45 socket.
The Deco mesh system was set up and master in loft with the other 2 satellite nodes in the kitchen and man cave and plugged into the sockets.
Speeds were good all round with a good uninterrupted connection everywhere around the property with a very happy customer.
For more info or to book an installation of Starlink or Home Network issue feel free to get in touch.